The Tour Starts Presentation of COINCIDENCIAS new album by Fran Rivero in which three great trumpeters such as Rubén Simeó have collaborated, Yturvides and José Sibaja with the Municipal Symphonic Band of Seville directed by Francisco Javier Gutiérrez Juan.

Both in the Masterclass and in the concerts, Fran Rivero and the three great trumpeters who accompany him will take part.. A luxury you can't miss!!

The first masterclass will be the 30 May 2021 at the Civic Center of Guillena. Here you will find the information to register in it. Later the same 30 in May there will be a performance at the Fibes Auditorium in Seville.

Concert 1 June 2021 at the Lope de Vega Theater in Seville (soon we will put a link for the tickets)

Masterclass 2 June 2021 pending confirmation

Masterclass 3 June 2021 in Osuna (Sevilla) at the Alonso Lobo de Borja Music Conservatory. Later there will be a concert in the Auditorium of the Elementary Conservatory of Music

Masterclass 4 June 2021 it's Atarfe's turn (Granada) at the City of Atarfe School of Music and Dance. Later Concert at the Medina Elvira Cultural Center.

Masterclass 5 June 2021 at the Center for Modern Arts and Music (CAMM) In Malaga. Later a Concert will take place at the Municipal Auditorium El Portón de Alhaurín de la Torre together with the Municipal Band of Alhaurín de la Torre under the musical direction of Alfonso Ortega (Málaga Brass Band) and Victor Eloy López.

We will update the news shortly so that you can register for the masterclass and purchase tickets for the concerts.


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